ugly azur

bel azur is a resort in jounieh a keserswan region in watan al noujoum

we called them telling them we have friends coming from senegal to visit and we want to go to your resort can they come in (because we had previous experiences with resorts and colored people )

us :can they come in

manager: no we have families who come to the resort with their maids and we don’t allow maids to swim so we don’t want them to get jalous from each other plus there is some people who don’t like the presence of colored people in the pool

us : they are not maids they are our friends (disregarding the fact that  we refuse the anti-maids policy)

manager : ok than what is the color of their skin

us :what does it change can they come or not

manager : they can come with their passport (to make sure that they are tourists and not maids since in watan al noujoum maids don’t have their passport on them it is taken by the employer)

we couldn’t shout we couldn’t yell we couldn’t do anything but posting and talking about it

this is the true lebanon the resorts paradise




About watanalnoujoum

i am sick of the system controlling our country which used to be called "watanalnoujoum"

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  1. UGHHHHHHHHHH this bothers me soo much! I’m soooooo mad rightt noww- this is so bad for lebanon

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